Kanmani-Kirubakaran- SEO Expert

About My Personal Journey and Career Growth

Who Am I ?

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About Me:

I’m Kanmani Kirubakaran, SEO expert in Chennai,  With a strong passion for  SEO, I’ve dedicated myself to crafting effective strategies that drive growth and visibility online. My journey in the digital marketing world has been enriched by my experience as a senior market researcher, allowing me to excel in competitor analysis, data insights, and company profiling.

Teaching Experience: In addition to my business ventures, I’ve had the privilege of being an associate trainer at a career enhancement academy, where I’ve had the opportunity to teach soft skills and aptitude to engineering students. This role has been a fulfilling experience, allowing me to share my knowledge and help students grow.

Continuous Learning:
I’m actively investing my time in learning more about AI and SEO to bolster my capabilities and contribute to the growth of my online gardening store.

Freelancing Journey:
As part of my career growth, I’m open to taking on freelancing projects. These projects are not only valuable learning experiences for me but also a means to build a robust portfolio that showcases my skills and expertise in the digital marketing realm, with a specific focus on AI-powered SEO.

My Skills

I believe in the fact that learning never stops and I am interested in learning new strategies related to digital marketing and long term business building.

SE0-Optimized Website Design
Market Research
Canva Design
GMB Optimization



Dream Earth


I am the founder of company called Dream earth, which is an online garden supply store, Turning my passion as a gardener to business, I have created a business plan, completed legal formalities and started selling my products through my website and reseller platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and Meesho. So, I got an ample experience on organic digital marketing, SEO, Social media marketing and content creation practically with the help of my website.

2016-2017/ 2020-2021

Owler India Pvt.Ltd


Experience in the area of market research with strong skill in analyzing the target companies in vast domain. Worked on the crowdsourced competitive intelligence platform used to outsmart the competition, and uncover competitive insights, latest industry news, and alerts. my main role is researching, analyzing and gathering company’s data on key markets, competitors and produce competitive intelligence reports.


Focus Academy for Career Enhancement


Trained more than 1000 students to get placements in reputed companies. Provided softskills and aptitude coaching and mentoring for students in various institutions. Executed training programs, which helps to validate the skills and behaviors of students in various colleges.